• Dogs from Õle str, Kohila and Keila

    11 September 2014 18:06, Author: Lara
    During 9. and 10 september we recieved dogs, from different places, but with similar problems. Few words about it.
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  • Puppies from Laitse – and there aren’t 21 of them

    20 September 2012 15:23, Author: Lara
    I have been asked quite often about the current location of those hapless puppies.
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  • Animal shelter’s veterinary clinic

    31 October 2011 12:47, Author: Lara
    Many people are surprised when they learn that our animal shelter has a veterinary clinic that is more than happy to receive any private clients.
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  • Is it possible to hand over your animal to our shelter?

    31 July 2011 20:00, Author: Lara
    Before you decide to hand over your animal to us, we suggest considering other possibilities to help your pet to find a new home.
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  • Some comments on the capture of stray animals.

    8 June 2011 20:56, Author: Lara
    Let’s start with the Rules for Keeping Dogs and Cats in the city of Tallinn adopted by Tallinn City Government Regulation No 12 of 10 February 2005. We adhere to the provisions of this regulation when capturing stray animals.
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  • I’d like to recount what happens to animals 14 days after they are brought to the shelter.

    8 June 2011 16:00, Author: Lara
    All animals captured by us from the city streets shall remain in the shelter for 14 days after the day of capture (according to the Animal Protection Act).
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  • Is it possible to walk dogs in our shelter?

    7 June 2011 22:00, Author: Lara
    Anyone may walk the dogs in the shelter if he/she would like to. Dogs like walking and they hate sitting in cages all day long. There are two fenced walking areas (playgrounds) in the shelter and one walking area for puppies and small dogs.
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