Puppies from Laitse – and there aren’t 21 of them

Posted: 20 September 2012 15:23, Author: Lara
I have been asked quite often about the current location of those hapless puppies.

Ours is the only such shelter in Harju County and it serves 29 local administrations and the Tallinn city government as well, hence people have a perfectly legitimate interest and questions about the location of those dogs.

The puppies have been housed at our shelter since 11.09.2012. Many sources mistakenly stated that there were 21 of them. We received only 15 puppies. They were delivered to us by the Estonian Union for the Protection of Animals (Eestimaa Loomakaitse Liit), as demanded by the Prosecutor’s Office. In my personal opinion it is quite right and correct that all dogs and cats that are confiscated, found or removed by the (municipal) police are delivered to our shelter as it is the only one in Harju County. Very often we encounter situations with various complications and we are well aware of all the reports and other documents that the state authorities, such as the (municipal) police, require from us in such situations. We do everything transparently and in accordance with the law, so for any state law and order organisation we are and will remain a third and disinterested party that knows how to compile and submit reports and other necessary documents, as well as any other information.

I was silent on this issue for a long time as I did not want to support that information cloud but some aspects of the story have compelled me to write this text. I have decided to do so because of the constant queries submitted by anxious people: they call and write to me, asking whether we have received the money they donated to help those puppies. The last straw was yesterday, as I was having a conversation with one of our regular donors, a wonderful and kind woman, who had just delivered fresh meat for the shelter dogs, it turned out that she and her friends had transferred a sum with four zeros to the aid of the puppies but we never got that money. She was extremely surprised, shocked even.

So I must officially state that the shelter has never requested any financial aid for those puppies. Yes, they are housed at our shelter, but I have never asked anyone to donate money for the puppies. From the time when the information cloud started the shelter has never placed its contact details, including bank accounts and phone numbers, anywhere with the explicit request for people to donate for the puppies. Yes, it is difficult to rear these doggies but we still have the possibilities and the place to do it and we do not need additional finances for this purpose. The only help we would really appreciate (as donation) is high-quality special food for puppies.

Financial donations are collected by the organisation that found those dogs – the Estonian Union for the Protection of Animals. The contact details, including the numbers you can call to enquire about how the money has been spent, are available on the organisation’s website: www.loomakaitse.eu. I therefore ask everyone who donated by transferring money to their bank account with the clarification “laitse kutsikad” to contact them directly and ask about the money. The shelter cannot comment the actions of another organisation and their expenditure targets as derived from the donations.

Any rumours about what has been happening to the puppies and other dogs here will remain just that – rumours. Only I as the director of the shelter can provide reliable information about any dogs and generally about the situation with the animals at the shelter. Currently I have no intention of providing any further information to anyone about those puppies in addition to what you have already read and will read on our website and on the shelter’s official Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hoiupaik/115115741848038.

I am a transparent person, easy to understand, perhaps sometimes even harsh, and I do not like any kind of speculation that grows into unhealthy agitation. Let us bear in mind that in any such squabbles between organisations the animals will suffer first and foremost. I am tired of reading information regurgitated from two-three years ago by those keen to say nasty things just for the sake of it, things like us not having specialists, running a slaughterhouse, showing no love to the animals and so on. It is high time for them to readjust their attitude, contemporise it, instead of living in the past and deriving pleasure from expired vile facts. Everything has been different here for quite a while now. We have a completely new team with excellent cooperation. Our employees have sincere love for animals and focus on helping them! Every time we read the next libellous story about the slaughterhouse and the total indifference, we become upset – to put it mildly. I am the director and I am very proud of my team, I value it highly, so any unjust tirades aimed at them are a personal insult for me, an insult to our daily hard efforts. If we are not waving a flag and shouting that we have rescued animals this does not mean that we are not doing the rescuing – every day. It seems to me that our shelter has evolved into an animal rehabilitation centre where we treat the animals, fight for their lives, nurture and restore them, give them a new life with new and loving masters.

Director of the Animal Shelter

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