Animal shelter’s veterinary clinic

Posted: 31 October 2011 12:47, Author: Lara
Many people are surprised when they learn that our animal shelter has a veterinary clinic that is more than happy to receive any private clients.

Some people think that our clinic is only for those animals that live at the shelter. In fact, our clinic gladly receives private clients. We offer a wide range of diagnostics and surgery services (castration, sterilisation, various tumours, etc.) with the exception of orthopaedics.

Quite recently our clinic acquired a blood analyser and an excellent microscope. Very soon we will have an ultrasound dental plaque remover. We already have an excellent ultrasound module with the option of printing out the ultrasound imagery. In the near future I will review the possibility of installing a blood biochemistry apparatus and portable X-ray unit.

Doctors at our clinic have extensive animal sterilisation and castration experience. We diagnose various simple and complicated diseases on a daily basis because almost every day the shelter gets new animals and many of them are far from healthy.

Being the director of the shelter, from the very beginning I chose and have maintained the low-cost policy for the services of our clinic (for instance, we do not even charge a visit fee) because I believe that animal disease diagnostics and surgery should be available to all pet lovers, irrespective of their income level. So we can safely say that when you visit our clinic, you will find it offers an excellent price-quality ratio with friendly staff and meticulously attentive service. We use the same medications for anaesthetics as other clinics do, we perform the same sterilisations, castrations, different tests (FIV, FeLV, Giardia, PIF, Parvo, Coronavirus, etc.) as other clinics do. For instance: our animal sterilisation/castration prices are final. This means that you do not have to worry about us adding extra charges to the initially quoted price, like fees for bandages, gloves and other consumables.

We offer the cheapest chipping procedure in Estonia: just €10, including registration! We have good prices for breeders, too.

Larissa Kozõreva
Animals shelter director

Our clinic is open every day, including weekends and public holidays, from 10 to 18.
Phone - +372 53496370
We can also make house calls.

You can view the prices of our services HERE.
You can view the clinic photo gallery HERE.



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