Is it possible to walk dogs in our shelter?

Posted: 7 June 2011 22:00, Author: Lara
Anyone may walk the dogs in the shelter if he/she would like to. Dogs like walking and they hate sitting in cages all day long. There are two fenced walking areas (playgrounds) in the shelter and one walking area for puppies and small dogs.


There are some rules that all shelter visitors must follow if they want to walk our dogs.
It should be understood that your pet dog and a dog in the shelter are two very different dogs. Most dogs in the shelter are very strong physically and pull the leash with considerable strength. Many people have difficulty restraining them and the dogs pull them along easily. Therefore, we strongly advise you to listen carefully to the warnings of our administrator, we ask you not to overestimate your strength and strictly follow the rules that we inform you about before you take a dog for a walk.

Some of the rules:
- we do not allow teenagers under 18 years old and children to walk the dogs
Many teenagers, let alone children, are unable to restrain dogs that pull the leash with great strength, that are strong and eager to get outside.
- all children visiting our shelter must be under constant parent supervision because some dogs are not fond of children and may bite a hand that a child unwisely puts into a cage.
- an adult who took a dog on the leash out of the shelter shall never hand the leash over to his/her children, even when outside.
Once we had an accident: despite grave warnings received in the shelter, an adult still gave the leash to a child after leaving the building. The dog pulled and the leash slipped out of the child’s hand. Then this and other dogs started a fight over territory. A man who was standing nearby tried to pull them apart and was bitten in an arm and leg.
Neither dogs nor other people should become victims of your irresponsibility! Therefore, you must obey all our instructions that we give you before you go to walk the dogs, otherwise the worst may happen. Instructions are written in blood.

On visiting days we have quite a few people who come to take a look at the animals, choose a cat or a dog. Many dogs start barking loudly, thus offering themselves. If you take a dog from its cage for a walk, be ready for other dogs to bark loudly until you leave the row of cages with the chosen dog. Many dogs like to bark at the dogs that are being taken for a walk: they are annoyed that the other dog has been chosen and because they are being barked at in response.
- allow your children to run back and forth between the rows of cages in the shelter: it annoys dogs and they start barking incessantly. It’s extra stress for you and for the dogs in the shelter.
- let the dogs sniff each other across the cage. It is allowed only if our employee is standing next to you and supervising the process. The dogs may bite each other even across the cage, injure a nose or a leg.
- let dogs approach each other outside. The dogs may be allowed closer contact only under the supervision of our employee. The dogs may dislike each other and start a fight, which you will be unable to stop on your own and the dogs may sustain injuries. You may be injured as well!
- let them run around without a leash, hoping they will not run away and will obey your commands.
- take 2 dogs for a walk simultaneously.
- let them approach cats. Cats may be approached only if our employee is standing next to you and supervising the process.

All our dogs are fully inoculated, even against rabies. All received dogs were given a treatment course against internal and external parasites. If you follow all the rules and requirements for walking as told by our administrator, we will keep all accidents to the minimum and a dog and a man will both enjoy the walk.
If you and a dog liked each other and you would love to walk it again and again, then visit out site and describe the habits and character traits of this dog in the comment box under the dog’s picture. Your comments will help those who are interested in this dog and consider taking it as a possible pet.

Larissa Kozyreva

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