Dogs from Õle str, Kohila and Keila

Posted: 11 September 2014 18:06, Author: Lara
During 9. and 10 september we recieved dogs, from different places, but with similar problems. Few words about it.

File no. 1
Kohila municipality, Rapla County, 09/09/2014 – nine dogs.

We brought nine dogs out of there, including two puppies. The dogs were taken away from their owner and transferred to a shelter based on a decision of the Veterinary and Food Board. No-one has ever spent any time with them; they have never seen daylight, nor have they come into contact with people or have any idea what a leash is. Their general condition is not bad, but they need a lot of work. They have to practice wearing a leash and how to communicate with people. They have to be taught how to live again. Two of the nine dogs had to be put down.

File no. 2
Õle 16a, Tallinn 10/09/2014 – ten dogs.

These dogs are another story altogether. The dogs were living with an 80-year-old woman in completely unsanitary conditions. We have not seen pets kept in such a condition for a long time – truth be told, I don't think we have ever seen anything like this. It is hard to imagine that such a thing is possible in our city, but we cannot rule out that there are other such apartments. We simply haven't come across them, because there are so many stray cats and dogs in the city. Every story has an ending though, and luckily this one had a happy ending. The dogs are in a shelter, they have been examined and we will begin working with them. One of the ten turned out to be heavily pregnant. She was separated from the rest. Another dog has recently given birth, but we did not find any puppies at the old lady's flat. Their fate is unknown. The dogs are frightened but not aggressive. They are all small and rather adorable! We will wash them, and once they have been microchipped, vaccinated and operated on and know how to walk on a leash and how to communicate with people, we will find them new homes. We are very grateful to the municipal police, police and the Food and Veterinary Board! This story has been in a lot of publications. Numerous photographs of the dogs' living conditions have been published as well.

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File no. 3
Keila municipality, Harju County, 10/09/2014 – three dogs.

The windows of the house were boarded up. No-one had seen the owner for four years. We rescued three dogs from the house with the help of the Veterinary Office and a police patrol. One of the dogs was female; the other two were males. What they had been eating is unclear. The female dog was in a particularly bad state: exhausted and covered in scars and scratches. All three dogs are very friendly and not the slightest bit aggressive. They know how to walk on a leash. They will be treated like the rest: we will fully prepare them for going into new homes. They will be healthy, microchipped, vaccinated and operated on by the time they are taken to their new homes.

A lot of people have enquired about how they can help us.
We would be glad to receive the following items:

1.     Pet food.
We would love it if good-quality pet foods were donated. Brands like Hills, Virbac, Royal and Specific are good. High-quality food is vital right now because these dogs have to get their digestion back to normal and gain weight.

2.     Financial aid.
We are extremely grateful for such assistance, as cleaning up after the dogs is a challenge in itself. We have to clean the cages several times a day since there are so many dogs and their digestion is affected. This requires disinfectants, floor detergents, disposable gloves, hot water, electricity and garbage collection services. In addition, these dogs will definitely stay at the shelter for more than 14 days and the shelter has to cover all costs related to them after the 15th day. We very much need your help!

SEB EE151010220043748018 or SWEDBANK EE772200221056134796
payment description (one of three): õle dogs ---  kohila dogs --- keila dogs
Thank you!

3.     Pillow cases, sheets, towels, duvet covers.
No doubt everyone has old towels, bed sheets or blankets at home that they no longer use. We are happy to take them. The dogs' bedding material needs changing often.

We are very glad to have these dogs with us! They are all lovely and very beautiful. We would be overjoyed if the dogs found new, loving and responsible owners thanks to our joint efforts!

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