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Monday - Closed for visiting
Tue-Fri - 2pm to 5pm
Sat, Sun - from noon to 4pm
ph +372 53 494 045 - recieves calls daily from 10 to 5pm

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You can support our animal friends with transferring a donation to our bank account:

  • pellets for kitty litter (wood based)
  • canned food for cats and dogs (always needed)
  • leashes and collars
  • dry food for cats, dogs and puppies

Latest comments

  1. Kristel 17.01.2018 19:52 @ 24756 - Tallinn/ JACKSON (BIMBO)
    Oh kui tore on Jacksonist/Bimbost uusi pilte näha. Kui ägedalt boss ta välja näeb- eluga ainult rahul:-) Endine siinne hoolealun ...
  2. Ingle 17.01.2018 15:47 @ 39599 - GRETA
    Kas on võimalik loom ka broneerida ?
  3. Julia 17.01.2018 14:43 @ 39582
    Этот лапотун дал нам погладить себя, ласковый такой слов нет. Но потом убежал, мы еще подумали что поводка нет, муж хотел ухвати ...

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