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  • Saabus hoiupaikka: 21.12.2018
  • Leidmise koht: Tallinn, Nõmme turg, Turu plats
  • Kuhu läks: uues kodus, 13.01.2019
  • Oli varjupaigas: 24 päeva
  • Kastreeritud: jah
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  1. Dina 09.01.2019 11:14:59
    Ha-ha, Rahel talks about "common sense", yet, he/she thinks the shelter put that collar on a dog, took a picture of it and put on display for everyone to see! A real coommon sense would be greatly appreciated ;)
  2. Lara 08.01.2019 23:33:09
    dog was found with this collar, was pictured that way.
    In our shelter we do not use those collars.
  3. Rahel 08.01.2019 23:15:47
    As far as I know there are no regulations in Estonia about using that kind of torture collar. But within decent pet owners there is common sense widely available. Either this dog has had a decent owner who had raised that dog to be in top shape and condition and yet wanting to torture him... or the collar has been put on in that shelter.
  4. Aili H 22.12.2018 21:28:09
    Suomen eläinsuojelulaissa piikipanta on kielletty. Ehkä se on Eestissä sallittu. Karsea kidutusväline.
  5. Ulla Johansson 22.12.2018 20:09:39
    Onko tuollainen piikkipanta sallittu?

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