• Age: 3 years
  • Sex: f
  • Size: big
  • Came to shelter: 11.06.2019
  • Place: Tallinn, Kalevipoja tn
  • We wait for previous owner till: 24.06.2019
  • Already waiting for a new owner: 3 days
  • Sterilized: unknown

  • Offer your help
    As long as local government supports this animal no more we have to ask for your support.
    Please let this cat stay with us as long, as it meets with his new and loving owner by donating euro.
  • Where is animal now: LOOMADE HOIUPAIK, Sinirebase 24, Tallinn, ESTONIA

  • Ask more information about this pet:
    Ph: +372 53 494 045 - recieves calls daily from 10 to 5pm
    email: lara[a]pets.ee
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  • 190389

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  1. Виктория 14.06.2019 14:00:27
    Очень ласковая кошечка, жила у нас сутки, но не смогла поладить с нашим котом, ждет старого или нового хозяина. К собаке толерантна...

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