The price includes:

  • feeding
  • walking (in accordance with the regimen your dog is used to)
  • cleaning up after the dog

You can leave your dog food and we will feed it to the dog.

If your dog has not been vaccinated we will accept it nonetheless and vaccinate it. Your dog is also guaranteed to be treated for fleas and worms if it has had no such treatment or the treatment has expired. If the dog is not chipped, we will chip it.

Pricing of additional procedures:

  • chipping: 10 EUR
  • complex vaccine: 25 EUR
  • medicine against fleas: 12 EUR
  • medicine against worms: 3 EUR per pill (1 pill per 10 kg of dog weight)
  • claw cutting 10 EUR

Fees for additional procedures are added to the dog accommodation price.

If you have lost your dog’s vaccination certificate we will formalise a new one free of charge, entering in it all vaccinations and procedures that your dog will receive at our shelter.

If you wish, we can also neuter/spay your dog during the accommodation period. The shelter is attended by qualified veterinarians and after the surgery the dog will be under supervision until recovery.



Several cats are accommodated in one common room. You can monitor your cat online (click here).

We will accommodate your cat if it already meets the following conditions:

  • 3 tests done (FIV, FeLV and Cov), all negative
  • recent complex vaccination (for instance: Feligen)
  • vaccination against rabies
  • anti-fungal vaccination (Biocan M)
  • recently treated for fleas and worms
  • underwent surgery (neutering/spaying)
  • your cat is chipped

If your cat does not meet any of these criteria, then we regrettably cannot accommodate it even if you are going away briefly on a city break or a business trip.

If your cat does meet all of the above criteria, we can accommodate it even for longer periods of time, up to 3-6 months.


Please get in touch with us to discuss the accommodation duration and other particulars:
phone: 53 49 40 45 or e-mail: info[a]