Сampaign in the Veterinary Clinic at the Tallinn Animal Shelter - 01.09.-30.11.2013

Posted: 19 August 2013 22:08
From 01.09.2013 till 30.11.2013 The Veterinary Clinic at the Tallinn Animal Shelter carries out a campaign of microchip insertion, sterilisation, neutering and vaccination of animals.
Information and registration phone number: +372 53496370
We are open daily:
Mon-Fri - 08-20
Sat, Sun - 10-18
You can pay with a credit card at our clinic (Visa, Mastercard and etc).
For BREEDERS of kittens, puppies, ferrets and rabbits
- combined vaccine (including anti-rabies or without it)
- EU Pet Passport
- microchip (reduced-size* or ordinary version)
Total price: 25 euros
cat sterilisation < 2.6 kg – 43 euros
cat sterilisation > 2.6 kg – 38 euros
cat castration - up to 25 €
dog sterilisation < 20 kg - 110 euros
dog sterilisation 20-40 kg - 125 euros
dog sterilisation > 40 kg - 160 euros
dog castration < 20 kg - 50 euros
dog castration 20-40 kg - 65 euros
dog castration > 40 kg - 80 euros
ferret sterilisation – 70 euros
ferret castration – 55 euros
rabbit castration – 40 euros
Puppy vaccine (DP Puppy) – 10 euros
Adult dog combined vaccine (CHPPiL+R) – 10 euros
Cat combined vaccine (Feligen, Purevax or Tricat+R) – 13 euros
Rabbit vaccine for myxomatosis – 13 euros
Ferret vaccine – 12 euros
(animals: cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits)
- ordinary microchip – 8 euros
NB! If you bring 2 animals atonce for microchip insertion you pay only 10 euros
- mini microchip* – 10 euros
Anti-worm pills:
- for cats (Cestal Cat: 1 pill per 4 kg of weight) – 1.30 euros
- for dogs (Cestal Dog, Zantel: 1 pill per 10 kg of weight) – 1.40 euros
- for dogs (Drontal: 1 tab = 10 kg of weight) - 1.70 euros
for cats
- Advocate (small cats) – 7.5 euros
- Advocate (big cats) – 8.5 euros
- Effipro (all cats) – 5 euros
for dogs
- Advocate (big dog) – 16.5 euros
- Advocate (medium dog) – 12.5 euros
- Advocate (small dog) – 8.5 euros
Since 2011, after its renovation and active development, the Clinic of the Animal Shelter has become one of the leading veterinary clinics with a standard range of services in Tallinn. We have found our definite niche and are very popular among private clients and breeders, too.
The policy of the clinic is such that all the standard procedures, such as vaccination, microchipping, treatment for worms and fleas, as well as various surgery (for instance: cat/dog sterilisation or castration, removal of the third eyelid for dogs, rabbit castration, ferret sterilisation, etc.), must be available to the general public as much as possible and we are doing everything we can to ensure this. Our doctors are constantly improving their knowledge and skills and attending different seminars (in Estonia and abroad), additional training courses and lectures to provide excellent consultations to the clinic visitors. We are so pleased that customers who visited our clinic once then choose to come back again and again – and recommend us to their friends, too. Thank you for your trust and for your patronage!
What is so different about our clinic?
- we do not charge a visit fee
It does not matter if you come to us on Sunday, Wednesday or a public holiday. This is how we like it and certainly how our clients like it.
- our prices are low
We see nothing wrong with our visitors being able to afford all the usual procedures because they are advantageously priced. All the medicines (as well as suture material, anaesthetics, vaccines, etc.) that the clinic uses on a daily basis are purchased from a certified supplier (there are several of those in Estonia) with thorough verification. We have so many customers, which is why we can maintain the prices at a low level and offer annual discounts. It is great to see how our clients trust us and the number of people using our valuable services is growing all the time.
- versatile service options
It often happens that an animal panics when it is shown to a doctor. A dog might start snarling or try to bite and a cat might behave in a totally unpredictable manner. As we frequently have to deal with such animals, we have enough experience to treat them effectively. We understand and can handle all animals, irrespective of their behaviour and size. We can also visit the client, for instance if the big dog that guards your farm has hurt his paw and he does not usually let strangers come close and even the master might have difficulty approaching the distressed animal.
- convenient parking right next to the clinic
There are always vacant parking spaces. We are situated in a naturally beautiful area where you can walk your dog before the doctor receives you.
- friendly and helpful staff (we communicate in: Estonian, Russian, English)
Our employees are competent and they have long experience of relevant work. Our clinic serves many customers every day. Sometimes we perform 4-5 surgeries (sterilisation/castration) per day.
- by visiting our clinic you are helping the animals at the shelter
We use the revenue from the clinic to buy medicines, improve conditions for the animals in the shelter, conduct necessary repairs and so on. So when you visit our clinic you are helping the animals to stay at the shelter for a bit longer so they have more chances of finding a new home! Who are we to deny them that?
Your are welcome!
Kind regards,
Larisa Kozyreva
Director of the Animal Shelter
Chairwoman of the Management Board of the Non-Profit Association LOOMADE HOIUPAIK