Autumn campaign in the Veterinary Clinic at the Tallinn Animal Shelter!

Posted: 1 August 2011 14:32
From 01.09.2011 till 30.11.2011 The Veterinary Clinic at the Tallinn Animal Shelter carries out a campaign of microchip insertion, sterilisation, neutering and vaccination of animals (dogs and cats).


Check of owner and animal details in the register.
Visit us with your pet and we will check your details and details of your animal against the register. In our work we often face a situation when an animal has a microchip inserted, but its owner’s details have not been entered in the register. In such a case it is very difficult to return the animal: we don’t know how to find the owner and may only hope that he/she will spot a picture of his/her pet on our site!

Therefore, we offer FREE OF CHARGE:
- a visit (irrespectively of the number of animals with a microchip that you bring along)
- check of the animal’s microchip and owner’s data in the register
- entering data in the register, if necessary

Neutering and sterilisation.
As in the previous campaign, we offer sizable discounts to make these procedures affordable for everyone!
- neutering – 15 EUR
- sterilisation – 35 EUR
Cats brought for the procedure shall not be pregnant.

- dog neutering (over 20 kg) – 75 EUR
- dog neutering (under 20 kg) – 55 EUR

- dog sterilisation (over 20 kg) – 125 EUR
- dog sterilisation (under 20 kg) – 100 EUR
Dogs brought for the procedure shall not be pregnant.

All quoted prices are FINAL! Nothing will be added. All procedures are carried out in our clinic; we don’t use other facilities or services of other clinics. Therefore, the prices will not be adjustable depending on the amount of threads or anaesthetic drugs used.

Vaccination and microchip insertion.
- microchip insertion with entering data into the register – 10 EUR
- 5-component dog vaccine (DHPPi) – 15 EUR
NB! If you bring two dogs, vaccination of the second dog will cost 12 EUR
- multi-component cat vaccine (CRP) – 8 EUR
NB! If you bring two cats, vaccination of the second cat will cost 5 EUR

- no visit charge!
- vaccine against rabies for cats/dogs (Rabisin)
- claw cutting
- collar locket “I have a microchip”
- vaccination certificate

What animals does this campaign target?
microchips – for everyone, sterilisation and neutering for cats and dogs only.

Does it apply to homeless animals only?
No! On the contrary, it applies to pet animals irrespectively of breed and size!

Does the clinic employ professionals?
Yes! Veterinary procedures of different complexity are a routine work for vets in our clinic: vaccination, diagnostics, microchips, surgical and other procedures related to animals. Our vets are professionals!

Why are the services offered in the shelter premises?
Because we use the proceeds to purchase medical supplies, improve keeping conditions for animals in the shelter, make continuing repairs and other necessary things. If you visit our clinic, you literally help the animals here to stay in the shelter a little longer, slightly increasing their chance to find a new owner! Why refuse them this chance?

How to find, phone for making appointments
Phone for appointments 53496370
The clinic’s address – Viljandi mnt. 24D, Tallinn.
The bus no 57 passes the clinic (departs from the former confectionery factory Kalev), stop “RAKU”.
- convenient parking near the clinic
- separate entrance from the shelter
- friendly and polite staff!