The volunteer clean-up day on 16 October 2011 was a success!

Posted: 31 October 2011 12:45
More than 220 people came to help us out and we quickly cleaned the whole territory around the shelter, walked the dogs and petted the cats.


On that day we received many gifts:

Dry dog food – 420 kg
Tinned dog food – 80 kg

Dry cat food – 155 kg
Tinned cat food – 53 kg

Among those who cleaned the shelter territory with us were children of the 2b form of the Rocca al Mare School with their supervising teacher, Sirje Külaviir, and also:

We are grateful to Tõnismäe Science School No. 40 for the assistance of their teachers and pupils on that day! It was great that you all could come and lend a helping hand!

We would like to thank Indrek Neivelt, Mr. Vetevool, Mr. Uleev, Mr. Liive, Markel Puusep and Mr. Rohumaa, the staff of Optimera Estonia and other people and organisations who had fun with us on that clean-up day, raking leaves, sawing off dead branches and dismantling old kennels.

We are very grateful to our sponsors:
Tallegg AS
Löfbergs Lila
Nõmme City District Government
Leibur AS
Fazer Eesti AS
Eden Springs
Europagar AS
AleCoq AS
Luckyman OÜ

It would have been very difficult to organise this festive event without you! Thank you!

See you in May 2012!

You can view the photo gallery HERE.