December 2011 in the Animal Shelter!

Posted: 30 November 2011 15:23
A Christmas tree will be set up in the hall of our animal shelter on 1 December 2011. A special one.

We would like every visitor to bring something original, a gift or a toy that may be hung on the tree to make it beautiful for the New Year! Anything may serve as a Christmas tree decoration: balls… postcards… whatever takes your fancy :) We will be taking pictures of the tree several times a week to show how it is getting more and more beautiful every day.

It goes without saying that in the last month of the year we will be happy to accept gifts for our animals – food, dog’s leads, beds for cats and dogs, canned food and cat litter. The cold winter is coming and we must be ready. We will be no less grateful for any financial contributions, because more than 80% of animals in our shelter have spent longer than 14 days here and we are forced to look for ways to feed them and treat them when they get sick.

Let’s celebrate the New Year in a fun and unusual way!
Let’s go into it with warm greetings, gifts for the animals and a good mood!

In December our shelter will keep its regular hours.
In December the veterinary clinic at the animal shelter will be open daily from 10:00-18:00 with regular prices:
there will be no extra holiday charges and – as always – no visit charge.

On every weekend in December we will be offering our guests warm, alcohol-free mulled wine and Christmas cookies!

Welcome to the animal shelter! :)

To all those who cannot visit us but wish to help:
Recievers' name and address.
Address: Viljandi mnt 24D, 11217 Tallinn

Bank and bank's address.
Bank: SEB
Address: Tornimäe 2, Tallinn

Account and payment description.
IBAN: EE151010220043748018, SWIFT: EEUHEE2X

payment details: “jõuluks loomadele”


9006580 – €2 9006590 – €10 (valid for Estonia only)

Help is voluntary! Help is great!