7 May 2011 – Good Deeds Day in the Animal Shelter!

Posted: 14 April 2011 20:46
The Animal Shelter organises Good Deeds Day in the shelter as a part of the all-Estonian campaign “Let’s Do It”!


The shelter has decided to revive this beautiful tradition and take part in Good Deeds Day on May 7! We welcome all who are willing to help us meet the spring on this day!

The work to be done together:
- to clean the grounds around the shelter
- to wash windows and doors in the shelter
- to clean dog agility courses and open-air cages used for walking the dogs and, if possible, the ground under the trees around the walking path.

- be sure to pet cats – they love it!
- play with the dogs and walk them – they are always happy when somebody does it!

What to bring along (if possible):
- rakes, brooms and spades
- rubber boots: not all the snow has melted and there are puddles
- gloves

Do not forget to bring for animals:
- wood-based cat litter pellets
- cat and dog food (dry and canned)
- old bed sheets, pillowcases, towels and duvet covers

We promise a warm welcome, sunny mood, friendly crowd, hot drinks (coffee, cocoa, kissel) and pastry!
Let’s welcome the spring with clean windows and well-attended premises!