News in March 2011

Posted: 1 April 2011 20:14
Here are some of the changes connected with our shelter for the month of March.


– Contract concluded with the Luisa Translating Bureau for translation of all texts on the website into Estonian and English.
– Contract concluded with the town of Maardu for rendering the services of catching and keeping animals at our shelter.
– Contract concluded with the rural municipality of Rae for rendering the services of catching and keeping animals at our shelter.
– Our shelter lobby now has a dispenser with various hot beverages.  When you buy these drinks, you support the animals at our shelter! Stop and have a hot drink!
– The following discount agreements were reached with our long-term partners:
*G4S – a 25% discount on all security services.
*Selecta Eesti – a 30% discount on the usual coffee machine rental fee.
*Kontaktikeskus – a 53% discount on the dispatching services connected with the round-the-clock shelter telephone number within the framework of a social project from March 2011 and thereafter. We are especially grateful to them!
*Ragn-Sells – rubbish removal is two and a half times cheaper from April due to sorting: instead of one container of 4.5 m3 for unsorted rubbish we are installing a sorting station. This will result in a sizeable reduction of our monthly expenses and it is also an environmentally friendly solution.
*SEB – the debit/credit card service fee for all transactions has been waived. The sums that our clients pay at the shelter with bank cards are transferred to the shelter’s bank account in full, without the bank’s commission.
*Alexela – our constant partner which offers us good discounts on fuel. From 1 April 2011 all Alexela petrol stations will have special collection boxes for donations to our shelter. Let us all help together!
*Zoovetvaru – our regular sponsor with excellent discounts on medicaments.

We will be happy to receive any offers from companies that can help us with further reducing our operating costs! Examples:
– disinfectant, rubbish bags, paper towels, working clothes, etc.

Reduced operating costs allow the animals to remain at the shelter for longer periods, receive care and medical treatment, waiting for old or new owners who will love them!
Please get in touch with me on all issues: Lara, phone: 58012597, e-mail: lara[a] Thank you in advance for all offers!

– We have organised and begun a shelter-based campaign of sterilisation, castration, microchipping and vaccination of animals. The campaign will last for three months: April, May and June 2011.

The purpose of this initiative is to attract clients to the shelter clinic, to develop the clinic activities and to help those clients on a tight budget by offering them an opportunity to have their animals operated on, microchipped or vaccinated.

The campaign revenue will be used to cover the shelter’s operating costs, for instance: purchasing of medicaments, disinfectant and other daily work necessities.

You are welcome to come and visit us!