Our Christmas campaign with!

Posted: 15 December 2011 13:08
The animal shelter in Tallinn and the Crazydeal OÜ company that runs the portal of special offers have decided to mark this Christmas with a joint initiative titled “Help the weak!”.

All those wishing to participate in our campaign can buy as many vouchers as they want. One voucher is priced at €1. Even if you are not in Estonia right now, you can still buy a voucher. All proceeds from this campaign shall be used to improve the lives of animals at our shelter. The portal is not charging us anything: it will transfer the whole sum to the shelter’s bank account.
Campaign page.

Winter is about to begin and it will be cold. Our shelter’s current expenses will increase substantially because the animals need warm conditions. We will have to switch on the heating system more often and keep it switched on for longer, too. As it gets dark quite early in the day now, the lights are on at the shelter for longer periods so the electricity bills are bigger, too.

We have been getting more animals (mostly dogs) because people are setting off fireworks in the evenings and dogs become scared and run away, and afterwards it is very difficult for the owner to search for the dog in the darkness, especially as the roads are slippery and visibility can be poor due to rain/sleet/snow. All of this means that we have to get more animal feed and provide more care and attention, too.

That is why we appreciate your assistance and every donated eurocent!

We are always glad to have visitors at our shelter! Come to take a dog out for a walk or just to pet a cat! All these animals yearn for attention and care – maybe you can even find a four-legged friend for life among the residents of our shelter!

We wish you a lot of festive fun and we thank all those who have already helped us by taking part in the campaign.

Your assistance is priceless!